640px-13 Wishes - four dolls stockphoto

The Basics doll line is in the new movie "13 Wishes"!


These ghouls look freaky fa-boo-lous in their new outfits with a diary and a pet these ghouls rock the hall oh Monster High!!!!!!


Gigi Grant- This new ghoul looks fa-boo-lishous in her new outfit, with her pet Sultan Sting!!!!

Lagoona Blue- Wished to be a freshwater, her wish is her command, this ghoul looks scarily cute in her new outfit, with her new and improved pet Neptuna!!!!

Howleen Wolf- This ghoul had 13 Wishes!! She looks 13 freaky fa-boo-lous in her new and improved rocker outfit, with her improved pet Cushion!!!!

Twyla- This new girl looks so pretty in her outfit, with her pet Dustin!!!!